The Wynnum Manly Visitors Guide:

A New Chapter

Almost twenty years ago, a small but passionate team started the Wynnum Manly Visitors Guide to shine a light on the finest aspects of this beautiful bayside area. Local businesses have supported it from the beginning, recognising its value in promoting our charming community. However, after decades of service, the guide is beginning to show its age and in need of a modern touch.

The time has come for a refresh!

Wynnum manly visitors guide branding suite with open book examples and colours

Fresh Objectives

Our main goal with this refresh is to elevate the guide’s style, transforming it into a clean and professional showcase of our bayside. We want to make it easier to navigate with a simple yet eye-catching design and stunning photos of the area. This refresh also combines the Wynnum and Manly areas seamlessly, organising the guide into clear categories: Eat & Drink, Shopping, and Lifestyle. This unified approach will help present our bayside as one cohesive and thriving community.

Page from the Wynnum Manly Visitors Guide about the Markets

Must-See Spots

The Wynnum Manly area boasts a spectacular waterfront with clear-day views stretching all the way to Moreton Island. Our five-star restaurants, quirky murals, and boutique shops provide endless entertainment. Plus, we host vibrant events and activities like the Jan Powers Markets and The Wynnum Fringe Festival, adding to the area’s charm and sense of community.

Measuring Success

We can gauge the success of our guide’s new look by the number of copies picked up both in the city’s Visitor Information Centre and our local bayside spots. Additionally, feedback from advertisers will be crucial – does the new design attract people to the area, and does it represent our bayside in the best possible light?

Onward and Upward

With this new standard set, we look forward to stepping it up again next year. We aim to feature more captivating stories that connect people to our area, and highlight community projects like the innovative Oyster Shell Recycling Facility at the Port of Brisbane.

Here’s to a vibrant new chapter for the Wynnum Manly Visitors Guide!

Map page from the Wynnum Manly Visitors Guide

Who We’re Aiming For

We aim to attract visitors from South East Queensland and beyond, enticing them to discover our unique corner of the world. For the first time, our guide will be featured in the Visitor Information Centre (VIC) in Brisbane City, drawing attention to the bayside in a whole new way.

Looking to the Competition

We’ve taken inspiration from places like Noosa, which have successfully used clean designs and gorgeous photos to create inviting guides. We’re applying those lessons to improve our own, ensuring it stands out and presents information in an accessible and attractive manner.

Lifestyle page of the Wynnum Manly Visitors Guide.  Couple walking along esplanade with sail boats in the water behind them.

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