Rebrand and modernise 

Located in a picturesque setting with views of yachts in the harbour, The Mall, formerly known as Manly Harbour Village 7 Day Markets, has undergone a wonderful logo refresh. The decision to rebrand and modernise was driven by the disconnection of the old name and logo with the community, prompting a much-needed change to revitalise the shopping centre. 
The Mall Before and After


Why do we refresh logos at all, the common answer is “outdated and failed to resonate with customer” – and The Mall is no different. Seeking to attract more visitors and tenants while enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the area, shopping centre leadership recognised the urgency for a new identity to breathe fresh life into the space.

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With the logo refresh, The Mall aims to increase foot traffic, tenant occupancy, and establish a robust brand identity that reflects the unique character and charm of the seaside village location. The goal is to create a space that not only meets the shopping needs but also embodies the historical essence and relaxed atmosphere of the area.

Design Approach

Catering to a diverse audience that includes young families, retirees, and food enthusiasts, the new logo design was meticulously crafted to resonate with the demographics of the area. The design elements were carefully chosen to convey a sense of history, classic charm, village ambiance, and a laid-back ocean vibe that appeals to the community’s preferences and expectations.

What does Success look like?

The success of The Mall’s logo refresh will be measured by indicators such as increased community pride, heightened interest from vendors, and the shopping centre’s evolution into a comprehensive destination that caters to all needs. By fostering a sense of community, history, and charm, the new logo aims to position The Mall as a sought-after hub that resonates with locals and visitors alike.

The future?

The transformation of The Mall through its logo refresh exemplifies a strategic initiative to revitalize tradition while aligning with the values and expectations of the diverse community it serves. By embracing change and reinvigorating its brand identity, The Mall sets a new standard for local shopping centres in capturing the essence of bayside village with a touch of modernity.

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