The SteinArt team had the pleasure of connecting with Amy, from Nurturing Confidence, in 2018.

A Leadership Coach supporting mid-level professionals, Amy approached us when she was going through a period of rapid growth and uplevelling in her business.


“Working with SteinArt has been a game changer for my business. Knowing I don’t need to worry about or make time for branding and marketing anymore has created space for even more business growth.

Always responsive, incredibly efficient and working collaboratively with myself and her team of experienced professionals, I can now trust that everything we put out into the world is from my voice, on message and consistently aligned with the Nurturing Confidence brand.”

Rebrand Logo Before and After

Although her business was flourishing, and had been for some years, Amy realised that:

  • Her branding was no longer reflective of who she was, and how she served her clients
  • Her branding was inconsistent, and therefore potentially lacked professionalism and credibility
  • She simply couldn’t do it all on her own anymore, and needed a team of people around her to support her (hence why we called in all the SteinArt troops – design, branding, marketing, strategy, personal cheerleading – you name it, Amy got it!
  • A ‘fresh start’ with a rebrand, would support her to feel re-energised and even more lit up in her work.

And so our journey together began!

Web design on mobile - SteinArt Graphic Design

Over two years (and counting!) Amy and the SteinArt team have:

  • Created a new logo (one that is on-brand, professional and attention-grabbing)
  • Developed a comprehensive Style Guide, enabling Amy to remain consistent across all her marketing communications (print, digital and social platforms)
  • Developed a suite of brand assets that Amy can utilise, as needed, in her business
  • Redesigned the existing website to reflect the new brand and business offerings
  • Brought a literal book to life (isn’t she amazing?!)
  • Created an impactful and growth-focussed marketing strategy
  • Dreamed big and worked together to make Amy’s brightest and most abundant business goals a reality!
Multiple Screen design - SteinArt Graphic Design

Kathryn has developed a strong understanding of  my business and the future growth that we are working towards. She has created a new logo and consistent business-wide branding that reflects the professional playfulness of our work and also the key messages that we are consistently working towards.

Amy Jackson -

At SteinArt, we are passionate about building strong relationships with our clients and infusing their branding, design and strategy with their ‘secret sauce’ so they can stand out from the crowd and reach their dream customers/clients.

Amy’s journey with SteinArt was holistic, comprehensive and completely tailored to her unique needs and visions. We took an all-hands-and-hearts-on-deck approach and the result was a rebrand that felt aligned and authentic AND supported Amy to attract and convert her ideal clients with ease.

Amy says that she now:

  • Feels fully supported in her business (and like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders!)
  • Has the space to do the things she loves in her business, and can shine in her zone of genius
  • Feels proud to show off her brand and share her offerings far and wide
  • Finds that people already trust her, before she’s even connected with them in real life, because her branding and messaging is authentically her and it’s consistent and professional
  • Knows where she’s heading in her business, and what she, and the SteinArt team, need to do to get her there

Are you thinking of rebranding?

Want to show up consistently online? Set yourself apart as a leader in your industry and build a reputation that is built upon loyalty and trust?  We would love to support you.  Feel free to get in touch so we can talk about the big vision for your business and how the SteinArt team can support you.

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