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MobyCo, a brand communications company, embarked on an exciting journey to revamp their brand identity and align it with their new sustainability and regenerative projects focus. This case study dives into the objectives, design process, challenges faced, and the positive outcomes achieved throughout the project.
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After pivoting away from a traditional marketing-focused offering, MobyCo Communications (MobyCo) set out to give their brand a fresh new look that truly represented their values and new direction of services. Their goals were to establish a new identity in the sustainability and regenerative projects sector, attract clients within this space, and create a cohesive visual suite of materials that captured their essence.

Design Process

Since there was a new name, a new why, new services, and new target market, the design process kicked off with thorough research on how and why they’ve changed direction. Then we dived into understanding their target audience, examining industry trends, and documenting who their competitors could be. We drew inspiration from the beautiful nature in MobyCo’s local area on Brisbane’s bayside, as well as inspiration from MobyCo’s founder, Michelle Lanceley.


The project encompassed some exciting deliverables. First up, a redesigned logo that perfectly encapsulated MobyCos’ values: Freedom, Integrity, Relationship, Creativity, Meaningful Work.

The design features a clever fusion of a whale tail, representing the water, and a leaf, symbolising the land. This logo aims to strike the right balance between being visually appealing, meaningful and maintaining a professional look.

Additionally, stationery and business cards were updated, a new visually captivating website was created, a brand photoshoot was carried out and engaging social media graphics were developed to create brand consistency across various platforms.

MobyCo Style guide
Mobyco iphone mock up

Challenges Faced 

One challenge that stood out during the project was finding the perfect balance between representing ‘business’, ‘land’, and ‘sea’ within the visual identity. Achieving this balance while keeping the design visually appealing yet professional was no small feat. However, with a thorough prepping process and stakeholder feedback, we were able to settle on the final appealing logo with only a couple of iterations.

Positive Feedback and Impact

The refreshed brand identity received enthusiastic feedback from stakeholders and clients. They applauded MobyCo for their ability to represent their ethos and effectively attract clients in the sustainability and regenerative projects sector. The rebranded visual identity brought about clarity and a deeper understanding of the company’s new direction. This, in turn, will lead to increased leads and inquiries from their target audience, along with improved recognition and reputation in the industry. These positive changes will continue to contributed to the growth of MobyCo Communications and their ability to work on and impactful projects.

SteinArt has been my ‘go-to’ brand and graphic design specialist for over 5 years. Kathryn consistently delivers a high standard of work across all marketing touch-points, personalised to each client’s unique business identity, bringing their competitive advantage and products & services to life. True collaboration, honesty, and a passion for design and creativity are at the heart of this local Brisbane business. Thanks for creating MobyCo’s new brand direction – love it ­čÖé

Michelle Lanceley

Owner, Brand Communications Consultant, Sustainability Advocate, MobyCo Communications


Through their rebranding efforts, MobyCo successfully breathed new life into their brand identity, aligning it with their sustainability and regenerative projects focus.  Positive feedback, initial stages of recognition, and improved processes are clear indicators of the success that will be achieved through this collaborative rebranding  project.

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