Refreshed identity 

to align with service quality 

Disability Plan Management (DPM) provide NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination services.  They approached us about a brand refresh that created an identity which truly represented their values and the level of service they provide. 
DPM Presentation Folder


As a lot of us do, DPM’s original logo was put together fast and on a low budget, which served a purpose but lacked personality and finesse, and ultimately didn’t hold up to the high standard of their service offering.  Recognising this, DPM decided it was time to invest in a brand identity that spoke to their true essence.

DPM Business Cards

The Project

The primary stakeholders involved were the two owners of DPM, Kathryn, and Mark. Their insights, vision, and expectations were critical in guiding the entire process. As well as our own set of creative expertise, design skills, and strategic thinking.

Our goal for the brand refresh was to create an identity that could match and grow with DPM’s high standards of service where the customer is at the heart of everything they do.  To encapsulate them as the star of the business, and to capture the pride and passion of the owners.

To maintain consistency and avoid alienating existing customers, the decision was made to retain the original colors. However, secondary colors were introduced to add depth and differentiation to separate services. The logo structure underwent some subtle changes with the inclusion of curves to soften the overall design and make it more welcoming. The business name was made more prominent, and a clear, bold font was selected to enhance legibility.

The careful and meaningful changes struck a balance between maintaining familiarity and providing a much-needed update. The new identity received positive feedback from consumers, employees, and other relevant stakeholders. 

SteinArt are so happy to be delivering an identity that both owners and stakeholders are proud to represent. By carefully considering the legacy of the previous brand and implementing meaningful changes, DPM achieved their goal of creating a design that resonated with their target audience, laying the foundation for continued growth and success.


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